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Peristaltic liquid pump, analog.
Ideal for liquids of high viscosity.
Suitable for dosing detergents for professional dish washers .
Easy to install and very easy to maintain.

Very easy to install. It operates at the grid pressure and not with an electrical connection.

Ability to dissolve from 1 to 4 products.

Capable of operating up to 700C and 1 to 9 bar network pressure.

dpl03 push pump

Manual liquid dosing pump.
Fast and easy installation.
Ideal for high density liquids.
Safe and secure dosing per stroke of the pump. 7,5, 15, 22, 30 cc per push.

System with peristaltic liquid pumps.
Ideal for high viscosity fluids.
Suitable for detergent dispens ers.
Easy to install and very easy to maintain. Up to 20 dosing programs can be stored.

Jet Neat eliminates the time and hassle of manually mixing concentrates, which not only increases labor productivity, but also increases concentrate performance.
Solutions are consistently mixed as directed by the manufacturer.
Since concentrates are mixed only as they are applied, they are fresh and will perform at peak power, and waste is minimized.