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Concentrated liquid for general cleaning of floors, walls, PVC, tiles, etc., with a neutral Ph.
• Pleasant fragrance of Freshness that lasts
• Very good application, so dries and does not smudge
• Very good wetting
• Ideal for glossy surfaces
• Composition with alcohol for quick drying

Concentrated glass cleaning liquid and general cleaning with neutral Ph.
• Cleans and dries immediately
• Does not allow calcification
• Low Foaming
• Gives shine
• Particularly economical to use

Concentrated cleaning liquid for wooden surfaces, with neutral Ph.
• Wax-based composition
• Creates a protective film
• Prevents moisture from entering
• Gives shine without slipping
• Pleasant long-lasting fragrance

Chlorine-based general cleaning liquid.
• Ready To Use
• Cleans and dries immediately
• Low Foaming
• Deep cleans

General cleaning fluid based on alcohols, with a neutral Ph.
• Cleans and dries immediately
• Zero Foaming
• Gives shine