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Decalcification liquid for all acid-resistant surfaces.
• Removes rust and water scale deposits
• Removes cement residues
• Does not contain fragrance
• Based on a mixture of acids
• Direct result

Grease-based general cleaning liquid with chlorine for areas and sanitary items
• Suitable for all hydrophilic surfaces
• Deep cleans
• Easily removes greasy stains
• Based on active chlorine
• Lemon Fragranced

Concentrated basin cleaning liquid.
• Contributes to the cleaning of salts, cigars, various pollutants and unpleasant odors.
• Its thick texture allows the product to act on the surface
• Pleasantly scents the room.

Liquid based on a mild acid composition for cleansing sanitary ware and all acid-resistant materials.
• Powerful cleaning action
• Removes deposits of water and soap residue
• Streak-free shine due pearl-off effect
• Suitable for stainless steel and chrome
• Long lasting fragrance